A vastly experienced and highly skilled, regulated Consultancy and Advisory firm. Passionate about delivering a holistic range of services focused on increasing efficiency, performance and restructuring of capital raising within key markets.


About Capiteus

Founded in 2014, our Team consists of experts from a multitude of backgrounds with over 100 years of combined experience.


Possessing a wealth of experience across the key areas in which our firm specialises, alongside proven track records, Capiteus is an established name that has become synonymous with delivering quantifiable results for corporates and individuals alike. Our cross-border and multi-jurisdictional knowledge that encompasses Management of physical and listed Assets in the chosen specialised sectors we operate, Investment Management and Capital raising.


The company and its officers have been involved in the provision of consultancy, distribution and advice relating to Investments totalling in excess of US$ 5.5 billion for traditional and alternative investment securities and continues to increase this as its global presence expands alongside its growing reputation.


We work alongside and assist a range of PLCs, institutional investors, family offices, wealth management firms and HNWIs in Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Delivering Value

Our objective is to create opportunity and unrivalled value for our clients by drawing on our team’s diverse skillset. Through our meticulous approach to understanding our clients' needs, our Consultancy and Advisory services have consistently delivered success for a wide range of those seeking to raise capital and those participating in the investment.

Who We Work With

By deploying our high-level Consultancy and Advisory skills and leveraging on our close working relationship with the world’s leading investment banks, we assist and improve strategy and efficiency of companies seeking to raise capital. Our portfolio of clients consists of both PLCs and Private companies who have benefited from our services.


Our vertically integrated approach allows Capiteus, through its Distribution Division to bring unique investment opportunities, with a core focus on delivering value and results to our investor base.



Spanning decades, our experienced team consists of individuals with a wide range of private banking, financial consultancy, financial product construction and commercial backgrounds. It is this diverse skill base and our entrepreneurial spirit that inspires clients and drives our team to seek and consistently deliver results.