Complaints Policy

As a responsible international financial services firm, Capiteus has established the following procedures and commits to their regular review, monitoring for adherence, and monitoring for appropriateness.

A complaint is considered to be any expression of dissatisfaction, whether expressed verbally or in writing (including email), and whether justified or unjustified.

On receipt of a complaint we will log the complaint for our own records in the official Log and Books of the Company.  We will write to you or email you within seven business days to acknowledge receipt of the complaint, unless it can be resolved within five business days, in which case we will write to you within five business days with our proposed resolution. We will enclose with our response a copy of any further procedures which may apply, including details of how you can escalate the complaint and in what time frame, should you remain unsatisfied with our response.

We will endeavour to communicate with you in a clear and fair manner at all times whilst investigating complaints as outlined in our Complaints Procedure which is published in the interests of transparency.

Whether your complaint was made verbally or in writing, we will confirm our understanding of the complaint within our acknowledgement letter. If we have misunderstood the nature of your complaint, you must notify us immediately using the same method you originally used to raise your complaint.

Your complaint will then be investigated by our Compliance Officer and any support staff he or she seconds, who will gather all documentation required in order to thoroughly and objectively conduct an impartial investigation. We may need to gather some additional information and may need to ask you to provide us with an authority letter so that we can approach a third party for information, if necessary.  

All Capiteus staff, Appointed Representatives, brokers and others representing Capiteus are under an inalienable obligation to cooperate with the Compliance Officer in his/her investigation and will provide all requested documentation/records without undue delay.

Capiteus will provide a written response to your complaint within 14 working days of receipt.  In the event we are not able to respond in this time frame, we will write to you to explain why, and will provide a revised time frame in which you should expect our response.  Our aim will always be to deal with you complaint as quickly as possible without compromising our responsibility to conduct a full and fair investigation.

If we are not able to resolve your complaint within 56 working days of receipt, we will write to you again with details of further steps you may take if you are not happy with the progress, including, if applicable, the details of any regulator to whom you may have recourse.  We will confirm when we expect to make our final response. This may be subject to certain limitations as outlined in our Complaints Procedure which is published in the interests of transparency.


We will write to you with a formal resolution letter as soon as we are able to, taking the above into account.  Our formal resolution letter will set out our understanding of the complaint, the issues raised in the course of our investigation, and the outcome of that investigation.  We will set out in detail any redress we believe appropriate or our reasons for declining redress.

If you remain unsatisfied with our formal resolution, you may be able to address your complaint to a regulator or consider Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms.  If this is the case, we will provide you with the relevant details within our correspondence to you and shall not unreasonably refuse cooperation to engage in the same.


For more information please refer to our Complaints Procedure or contact